We follow the true tradition of yoga followed by ancient Rishis that extends back to thousands of years. They have dedicated their lives and souls to the to pass these yogic practices to the benefit of mankind. In a world where yoga has been misinterpreted and treated solely as stretching exercises, we follow the ancient yogic system coming from the well known Himalayan Rishi Dhandhi Swami. Our sole aim is to pass this yogic tradition of these masters as it is to the present and future generations. The yogic exercises taught by us will not only give mental and physical balance but will also help overcome and eradicate diseases and ailments. We also teach the link between yoga and Buddhist meditation and how these yogic practices can be used to support meditation to achieve positive results.

Teacher Profile


Yogi Arjuna has been practicing yoga for 20 years. At the age of 13, he was first introduced to traditional Chinese martial arts and then to Sri Lankan traditional martial arts and acrobatics.

He mastered the art of the traditional Sri Lankan martial arts for 6 years and started learning yoga and meditation (samatha and vipassana) through monastery masters when he was 16 years. This was a very important stage in his life since it was during this time he was able to connect Buddhist meditation with yoga and find out there was a very positive correlation.

It was at Himalya Tapovana Ashram that he met his teacher Yogi Pramod (Student of Swami Rama) and was able to master the art of traditional Ashtanga yoga, Thristana Hatha Yoga and Kriya Hatha Yoga.

Since then Arjuna has been involved in spreading the message of Swami Rama and his teachers the true art of yoga. Going a step further he is involved in spreading the message of how these practices can support Buddhist meditation.

He especially concentrates on yoga therapy through self healing and has thus helped numerous patients suffering from diseases to overcome their ailments.

He aims to pass the ancient Rishi’s TRUE and UNBLEMISHED yogic path to the present and future generations.